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Couple’s Massage in Reston, Virginia

$ 190 60 Min Traditional Massage
$ 280 90 Min Traditional Massage
$ 200 60 Min Acupressure Massage
$ 300 90 Min Acupressure Massage
$ 230 60 Min Deep Tissue Massage
$ 330 90 Min Deep Tissue Massage
$ 230 60 Min Hot Stone + CBD Oil Massage
$ 310 90 Min Hot Stone + CBD Oil Massage

At Moon’s Massage Spa, we offer extensive couple massage services and therapies that people can enjoy with their better halves.

Couple massage therapies are known to improve relationships and build a calming and relaxing space to reflect on the core values of a relationship.

Utilizing specific techniques, the expert masseurs ensure that all stress, anxiety, and exhaustion of the day can be addressed using unique blends of oils and tonics.

Is there any age limit for couples’ massage services?

No, there is no age limit, and couples of almost all ages can avail of these services as per their liking and convenience.

Couples Massage

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